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Meet Emily Gorelik

Emily Gorelik is an American born influencer, aspiring interior designer, & reality TV actress based in Paris, France. Before hitting the screens on Bravo TV's series Real Girlfriends in Paris, Emily began her college career at New York University, and after a spontaneous summer trip to Paris, she instantly fell in love with the city and decided to never leave. By 2019, Emily made the move to the City of Lights to pursue her studies in Design Management. 


The American-in-Paris it-girl spent her childhood & adolescent years learning the ropes of her mother's business, Interior Productions, a custom design workroom that produces hand-crafted collections for the design trade. Emily is still an active part of the business and is currently working on expanding the practice to Europe.

With her platform, Emily shares knowledge, experience, and advice to help and encourage young adults to take the risk and make the move to Paris.

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